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so.. lsvtec?..

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im thinkin of buyin this ls block for 50 bucks from a friend and a b16 head?...
would this be worth my time and money?
any suggestions tips etc...
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Go ahead but the second you put it together you should invest in mobil 1 stock.
duncan said:
egfanatic said:
you could probably buy it cheaper than you could build one just saying.
just say he got his block for $50 and his head $250,if your boy sale his complet lsvtec,for $200 i take it
wow, math puts your build there at about 300. not 200. and obviously, if you think that you can just slap a head on an ls block and call it lsvtec, you have never built one. theres a lot more headache involved than just that.
Headache is the perfect word for it.
1 - 2 of 118 Posts
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