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so.. lsvtec?..

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im thinkin of buyin this ls block for 50 bucks from a friend and a b16 head?...
would this be worth my time and money?
any suggestions tips etc...
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this is not true, lsvtecs if put together right are very dependable
just dont take any short cuts and the motor will last as long as you want it to.
if your serious about wanting to do it, Duncan already has one built correctly for sale with 0 miles on it, im sure you could probably get it at a pretty good price if you talk to him.
you could probably buy it cheaper than you could build one just saying.
lol, if you think you can build a lsvtec correctly with quality parts for that much then try, lol, i believe he is asking 1500 for the motor and its basically brand new with ALL new gaskets, seats, bearings, everything.
1 - 5 of 118 Posts
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