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so.. lsvtec?..

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im thinkin of buyin this ls block for 50 bucks from a friend and a b16 head?...
would this be worth my time and money?
any suggestions tips etc...
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oh wait i missed the part "84mm bore" i hope you like replacing engines or you buy a modular integrated deck, not flaming, you should probably save more money if you want to build the civic of doom.
i never said anything about the civic of doom
i just want a quick car
well what can i do with an ls block and eagle b16 pistons to be as fast or faster than an lsvtec and be easier?
or what could i do the the b7 to make it quicker?>.
its already got an obx header aem intake and an apexi catback
what can i do?
you need to stop asking us questions and start doing research yourself....


be proactive and stop asking people to make up your mind for you
end thread
mintygood said:
you need to stop asking us questions and start doing research yourself....


be proactive and stop asking people to make up your mind for you
end thread
i never ask people to make my own decisions..
i just ask them to help out.
isnt that somewhat the point of a forum?..
your going to get into some money building a lsvtec, or atleast a built one. you can go all stock internals then not too bad, but forged, boreing the walls, machine work, lsv kit, piston, rods. it adds up. go to h-t and find the lsv thread, it was the lsv bible for me when i had one. if you cant find it let me know. ill post it on here
forums are used to ask things that a simple google search couldn't answer.
i dont no anybody on google or what they have done..
iheartmy?nwh said:

go there. and read...
HAHAHAHA....I already sent that to him a while back.
Ok, for starters dont attempt a well thought out build if you don't know anything about it. Start building a d-series or some crappy motor like that.(not that they are crap but who cares if it blows, not like it makes any power without boost)

LS/VTEC is a very awesome build and great for boost or all motor, what ever you want to do. But to build it right cost's a lot of money. For instance look at a bud i know, Kris spent the money on his car, he spent a long time doing research, i can tell he did because he knows what the hell he is talking about. He goes into detail and even explains what the purpose of that is. So either he knows something or he is just bullshitting. He dont bullshit though so thats out. If you are going to do this then work your ass off and start saving the money for the build. If you are wanting to do the build yourself then good luck and i hope someone will convince you to save that block. If you do not know what you are doing then don't guess and think it goes there or here.

Im sorry im probably insulting you and telling you that you are a dumbass but you cant honestly start asking people about a motor build that YOU barely know anything about. You have to search, go to Honda-tech.com, superhonda.com, clubcivic.com, k20a.org, 8thcivic.com, and other Honda forums and you will flamed extremely hard for not searching. People like you have asked these question and completed a build through guidance from others as long as they know what they are doing and have smart discussion ideas. Like,..... if i use this Dart block with these Endyn Rods and custom pistons i should have?..................the list goes on.

I have both the books Spoolie has and i have even more like the Sport Compact: Drive-Trains and the Performance Autocross book. It gives a good point of view, from how everything works and how you can make or lose power. Make or Break is the way it goes.

I cant understand why you want to do the Ls/Vtec build and then ask about doing a b7? A d15b7 is the biggest pos ever, put a z6 head on it and rod the hell out of it. Wait for it..........Dont waste your money buy a d16z6 if you want a d-series, that or a d16y8. Z6 has two journals per rod bearing on the crank as compared to the d16y8. The Z6 will hold more power and is a very fun setup while under boost. Spend your money the way you want to but if i were you, i would do something i want and something i will enjoy. maybe a boosted D-series or something.. GO to D-SERIES.ORG for more info, on building a motor. Now im sorry im flaming you but better to let you know what to do and be nice then to tell you to piss off.

Ok, now im doing a K24/K20 Hybrid or Frankenstein motor is what people call it. Ls/Vtec is a franken motor also. My motor setup is very intensive. I spent 1300 on getting the block sleeved and bored to my specs. thats just prepping a block for the pistons and rods. I have to have custom pistons now because the bore went from 86mm-89mm. that will give me more horsepower. The build is going to be for boost but it will be tricky because the motor makes to much Torque and i will not get traction at all. So boost by gear is something that you need to know. if you dont know what im talking about then you still have a lot to learn about cars and Honda's because that is a term that is passed around quite a bit.

Im done, if you have any questions ask Me, Spoolie, Kris or anybody that is familiar with Honda's.
Hands down me and everyone else hates being asked what to do step by step. It should be like learning to ride a bike, daddy pushes, and you pedal and drive the bike. get rid of those training wheels too.
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DAMN.... :shock:
Again im sorry to be a dick, but just thought i would throw out there your options.
Go to Honda-tech and let the Learning begin.
KillerRabbit said:
Again im sorry to be a dick, but just thought i would throw out there your options.
Go to Honda-tech and let the Learning begin.
i feel ya man..
right now im too tired and lazy to read all of it but ill definitely do it tomorro.
im with rabbit, IM his roommate and ive lived with him for two months now and i have leared a lot,cause im bout to do a k 24/k20 build as well
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