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autoxDC2 said:
nice meeting you today.

keep practicing and hopefully see you at the next event. had a best time of 61.1 and took 3rd place. after a few more times, you'll be up there with us.
yeah i will get better but i have to fix my rubbing problem in the rear and get some better tires and i should be able to get a little closer to you guys. :mrgreen:

autoxDC2 said:
defcon86nwh said:
Would have came but didn't know it was at 8am. I ll be there Aug. 30th for that event.
You just have to be there by 9am. If you can get their earlier, the better.
actually you can get there whenever if you are not competing.

and the class they put me in was NSM
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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