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Someone stole my S13 RPS13 lights!!!

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Someone broke into my S13 through the sunroof, stole my Nismo GT Titanium shift knob and my JDM tails, slashed my seat and took my ash tray that had some spare change. why. i just dont get it. fuck you.
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sorry to hear that man.

good luck on finding who did it and basically killing them.
ill help. hit me up
you wouldnt happen to live in the boro, do you??
yeah in the boro
noturs14 said:
WackyS13 said:
yeah in the boro
damn, may have to start leaving the 240 elsewhere.
damn dude that sucks. :thumbdown:
sorry to hear that man...

seem to be having a lot of break-in's lately...
That sucks! I hope they catch the bastards. WTF is wrong with people?
thats fucked up, watch craigslist or wait for some one to show up with them. there not that common, theres 3 sets in st.louis and thats it
Sorry to hear that man, I know how you feel
theives = gay. That sucks to hear man
Thats fucked up man, sorry. If theres anything I hate its a fucking thief.
yea theres somebody goin around stealin shit in the boro
^^ yeah... i woke up this morning at about 1:30am to my car alarm going off... i got up and went outside and there were hand prints in the dew on the trunk and a knife on the ground... glad i had the alarm to spook em.

and a buddy of mines shop got broken into a few weeks ago... welder, and abunch of other things went "missing"

i have a feeling that all these happeneings may be related some how
Welcome to the ownership priviledges of the new civic. :lol:
i would shoot someone if they tried to steal from me.
and im not kidding.
man wtf man sorry to heard that,if you need help i got two big ass nikka that can hurt them to hell
skunk2boy said:
i would shoot someone if they tried to steal from me.
and im not kidding.
OK. . . Then you would be the one in jail, not them!
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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