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Someone stole my S13 RPS13 lights!!!

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Someone broke into my S13 through the sunroof, stole my Nismo GT Titanium shift knob and my JDM tails, slashed my seat and took my ash tray that had some spare change. why. i just dont get it. fuck you.
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damn , that sucks man , but look on the bright side they left the car. but it's still shitty
se-real said:
skunk2boy said:
i would shoot someone if they tried to steal from me.
and im not kidding.
OK. . . Then you would be the one in jail, not them!
lol i know.
i wouldnt shoot.
i was just kidding.

but actually the law is now that if the theif is facing towards you on your property, then you are allowed to shoot.
look it up.
you allowed to shoot yes but make sure that one shot kill bro,
i just keep a crazy terrorist around with a gun, no one steals from me :p i wasnt kidding keep your eyes out you'll see them. someone stole stuff from my boss and we found it the next day
well my buddy that got his shit stolen the same night as you is having his whole car fingerprinted. if anything turns up, ill let you know.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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