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Soon To Be Leaving TN but New to Tennspeed

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Hey guys I have been down in nashville for almost 2 years and haven't had much lucky finding a great job. Then I find this site and sign up now I got a great job offer back home. But still here to stay. I got a 2000 Civic SI and a 1990 240sx. Both are projects at the moment, but the 240 will soon be my DD. The EM1 is gettin fully built gsr bottom end with built b16a2 head and boosted. So my name is Brad and I am new. Hi everyone
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pics yo
pics will be posted soon as i get some light.
welcome to the site....PICS!
welcome sir, good luck with the job!

and pics please :D
Welcome to the site.
Welcome man
Here is my SI in the process more pics will be posted once I start my project thread.

Pics of the 240 will be posted later on guys, and for me I am moving to Richmond KY. Just keep a look out for my Project threads coming up in the next month or so. Thanks for the welcome in guys.
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Here is the 240 needs alot of work but its gettin close to road worthy lol
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Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome
welcome you should check out my fs thread Im parting out a boosted EM1
yea i have all the parts to boost my em1 all i am lacking is 5th gear out of a ls, never clutch and all the drivetrain along with internal parts but as far as turbo and electronics i am good thanks though. i will start a project thread soon, just as soon as i get my 240 running and park my em1 lol thanks guys
i think you should of build the 240sx and dd the em1.
cuz rear wheel drive is more fun then front wheel drive.
well I am building both, I love honda's and the em1 was my first car so i am building it first. But I have a true DD its a 97 S10, but the 240 will be driven more than the civic due to the nature of what I want to do with the 240. Again this 240 wont look nice or anything just perform and slide sideways making it look easy LOL. But thanks again to all that make me feel welcome
hate you are leaving the great state of TN, but welcome to the site.
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