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speedy claclaclaclaxtons huricane damage LOTS OF PICS

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now that he's allowed to park in the driveway from lack of leaking fluids he parked right under the bradford pair tree and of course the winds were like 50mph gusts 2 hours and the trees have never been trimed so i had to wake him up and start his day off like this........


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that really sucks and I'm very sorry about the ef :cry:
its all good some how only damage is buffable scratches and roofs dented but my dads gunna get it fixed for him
well i guess it isnt too bad. just scratches and a dent on the roof lol. im gona get it all fixed and springs and struts are going on it this week and a few more goodies and i might think about trading for something else.
dude, that sucks :(
that sucks bro!

this morning in hermitage a tree blew over on top of a golf cart and crushed two people to death

crazy weather man
holly shit...didnt know it was that bad, and for any confusion we werent realy near the hurricane we were at my house in murfreesboro
StatixNWH said:
did it storm this morning or somthing?
naw we just got like 50mph winds this morning
That sucks. It's been sunny here all weekend. It's supposed to storm tonight though
that blows. 50 mph winds, and my car cover was still on the car this morning in the driveway. frikin amazing considering its a walmart car cover.
just glad it wasnt bad cause our home owners insurance wouldnt cover it we called before we even unbarried it but its gunna be a real cheap fix......would have covered any damage if the tree was a ficus
sorry bout the ef man i feel your pain
random-hero™ said:
that really sucks and I'm very sorry about the ef :cry:
dido. :thumbdown:
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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