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To a food eating contest.

Which place would be suffice for you?

Taco Bell: Soft Tacos (meat/cheese only)
Krystal's: Regular Krystal (meat/cheese only)
Wendy's: Baconator (meat/cheese/bacon only)
Hooters: Wings (mild sauce - drums only) On Wednesday's they do all you can eat Wings.


1. No Time Limit. Contest ends when either you or I give up and can't eat anymore.
2. Loser pays the total bill.
3. Loser does not post on Tennspeed.net for 2 weeks.
4. Loser must wear a tag of "Owned by 'Winner' "
5. The whole food item (taco, krystal, burger, etc) must be eaten. If only half of the item is eaten it does not count.
6. Spectators may watch, but cannot help or interfere in any form or fashion.

Any suggestions or changes to this challenge?

So, Spoolie, are you willing to accept this challenge?

updated: Added Hooters

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Zeppelin said:
if spoolie wins...you have to un-wing your doors...

if you win...spoolie has to wing his doors for at least a week :p

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Yeah you either challenge Mario to a eating contest or Spoolie to a drinking contest you pick.
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