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Stupid car dealership owner in SC

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I guess this guy doesn't realize that Honda, Toyota, Nissan, etc are made right here in the US of A as well. Stupid fuck... My 89 civic drives and rides better (even with it losing compression and burning oil) than my old 97 camaro z28 convert. not as fast... but a much better ride

the guy is funny though... Rice Ready FTMFW!!!

I'll be your huckleberry... LMAO
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hahahahahat thats great. dont go shopping at walmart! i bet he shops at kroger!!!!
I think he did a good job - as a salesman.

He had 15 more car sales that weekend who referred to the ad. It doesn't matter how ignorant a statement is, as long as it attracts, appeals to, or catches the attention of your target audience.
The "I'm your huckleberry" part is hilarious LOL, you guys remember Tombstone?
Ha, dipshit. Buying most "American" cars (or even Volkswagen) is paying Mexican workers cause a shit ton of those cars are made in Mexico. Most Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, and apparently even Hyundais now are made in either the US or Canada so you are supporting either American or Canadian workers.
Toyota employs over 30,000 Americans and over 60% of their cars are built here.
So much ignorance.
Does he not know Ford and Mazda are buddy buddy? lmao...
They talked about this on Free Beer & Hot Wings this morning. I think they actually got him on air to talk, at that point I was at work though...
Shit son! If it ain't American...it ain't American! Gimme dat torque and a can o' dip! Fuck yea America! :D
Shit son! If it ain't American...it ain't American! Gimme dat torque and a can o' dip! Fuck yea America! :D
can o' dip FTMFW
Didn't they used to offer incentives back in the 60-70s for people to buy American cars instead of imports?
the begining of this song is all i have to say to him
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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