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Hey guys

My name is jacob and i drive a 84' rx7 and i have an 88' conquest tsi but im swapping a 302 v8 out of a 71 stang so im pretty excited about that

but im glad to be here and hope to get involved with all the meets and stuff
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welcome man
Welcome fellow rotary dude. Boosted 85 GSL-SE here :D
welcome man....need any rebuilds or anything lemme know...thats my specialty...
Welcome to the thread, post of pics of your cars! 302 into a Conquest FTW
welcome, want to see some of that conquest :D
welcome to tennspeed,
the people on here are awesome!
well its not done yet...

i have to bolt up the tranny myself without the help of anyone else

so if anyone is willing to help me with it that would be awesome.
welcome welcome
Love the first gens
my cousin has one
fun little car
Welcome to the board.
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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