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Supra Shoot ~dornonphotography

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Man I haven't been on this forum in a good while, thank goodness its bout time for break.

Here's a shoot I did not too long ago. We didn't have alot of time but still got some decent shots I think.

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its Adam's daddy :lol:
Looks good, we need larger HD pics though (please) :)
in love...
just a blue sheetmetal building in chattanooga. It got really dark for those pics with only one street light made it a very difficult shot. hopefully i will get a chance to shoot it again some day
Pictures are pretty good. Kinda plain. Did you do any editing at all?
not much editing on these...mostly cleanup since my camera is getting sorta old
I couldn't tell they had been edited even after blowing them up on my computer. These would look good cleaned up more.
Just editing, changed brightness and contrast, saturation and things like that.
If you cant tell they have been edited then i have done my job. All my photos are edited but nothin heavy for what they are intended for.
When I get back in Murfreesboro tomorrow I will post up some of my new ones.
That Supra is sooo sexy...
Nice! I checked them out on SF.

and Lenny you're one of the most confused people
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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