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Swappin the EF

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So i got tired of the lack luster performance of the d15, and since the timing belt took a shit on me, its time to swap in something. Got the motor out today. Got a b18a for free, and bought a gsr transmission with a stage 3 clutch. About to order a headgasket and mounts. Harness is on its way to hasport now. Will post some pics a bit later.
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werd let me know how much of a pain it is. lol

yours dpfi? or mpfi?

in my case it wont be that bad...hasport is doing the engine side harness so the ecu side wont have to be modified at all..woot.it was dpfi..but i sent them my harness and a 91 integra harness..and 275 bucks.
thats good. someone told me you could just use the da harness... so thats why i was asking. gl man.
sounds like a good build....

get some pics up
i plan on having some pics by thursday if not sooner..I'm trying for tomorrow before i go into work
the swap is really easy. the only thing that has to be modified is the front motor mount and thats not hard at all. ls into an ef was one of my first swaps that i ever did and it wasnt really that challenging for me. good luck.
thanks dawg...

alright laziness has taken over..pics up this weekend? i hope
anytime i try to put pics up it never works. thanks dude
i just ordered innovative mounts also...yay
mintygood said:
haha those are my old wheels wtrip the paint and they look like this
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yea i kinda like how they look before they were painted lol
lol yeah i couldnt find out what car they came off of people said a focus lol but if u look where the center cap goes it says honda lol but they where clean kinda lol gl with swap i want another ef now any updates
probably about to go pick up a gsr throttle body from another member in lebonan lol
that old d15 came out of my old ef too im not going to lie it was ragged out to hell in back
yea sold it for 100 bux already..20 minutes to get out, 2 ana half hours to sell...it was a piece and from day one of having it the timing belt was fucked, but i didnt know til it stopped with the tear on the topside..this was in august and i got the car late jan early feb
wheels are from an acura legend..
got damn i miss this car

bump for my first car
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