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TennSpeed Member Spotting..

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Alright, as most of you guys know, I've been MIA for like 2 months or so. Today I was out and about running errands and I saw a ford it had some black rims and I think the car was a darkish purple color. I looked and it had a TennSpeed sticker.. I was like yoooo I'm on that forum lol. Does anyone know who this person is? I didn't stop and try to figure it out. I was late to an appointment. They had gauges so maybe it's boosted, I don't know honestly.
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That's mario's purple contour svt its not boosted....... Big black!
I'm Keanna, and you are? I'm not new I just don't get on here and post very often. I'm trying to see how I can get one of those stickers to put on my car too lol.
i will bring one to the meet tonite...
what meet?
WoW......the North Nashville Thursday night meet......check the meets and events section
If you don't post much and lurk, you're considered new
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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