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I was just curious as to how many musicians we have here on Tennspeed
I know we have a few drummers

anyways, I just thought i'd start up a little musician thread for kicks
sorry for any re-postage that may be goin down

I play Bass drum in marching band at school, but I've played alto sax for 6 years in
concert band....outside of school, I play bass guitar.
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played piano for 9 years, quit soph. year of hs
played upright/string bass from 8th grade until college
played electric bass from 8th grade to present
mess around with guitar here and there, have a squier strat & some acoustic (cant remember brand, its good quality tho)
started out with a bright red Squier P-Bass in 8th grade, that proved to be a good one oddly enough

bought a Schecter Custom-4 a few years back, its my main rig
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umcool911ok said:
I'm baller on the Alto Sax and thats about all I can play

I stopped after 8th grade though because I can't find it. I think
I left it at my middle school. I wonder if it is still there?
dont lie, you play the skin flute...
i knew as soon as Joe posted in this thread it would go from music to i-wish-i-could-play-music (aka: rock band / guitar hero)
1 - 4 of 43 Posts
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