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The civicseth sedan again...

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shits clean dude.. what wheels r those
Thanks. The wheels are polished Rota GT3's. :p
rotas on a honda.
atleast it original.
guess like my sportmaxes lol on a 240 hahaha
one clean fuckin 4 door i love that car cleanest one ive ever seen :thumbup:
gahhhh i lovvvve this car. :D
:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Clean as hell, My girl just picked up a 94 civic 4 door white, But has the sunroof and junk.. Looks clean im hoping to do a little work on hers if she lets me haha. Yours is clean though.
Man, I love this fuckin car!! Shits clean as hell man....hopefully I can get the EF sedan looking this clean someday. :thumbup:
Thanks everyone for the kind comments. :)
As always...nice car and shots :thumbup:
great shots
clean fairro man good shots to
You win at finding locations and the car is flossy as shit like always man :thumbup:
nice car... and pictures... who ever took em know how.... nice backdrops...
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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