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The... E36

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Well as all my cars I like to make a thread to document everything I've done to the car.

I sold my E39, 540I 6 Speed/Sport and was daily driving my E30 325is when it
started leaking oil out of the tranny weep hole. I got on craigslist looking for anything that ran/drove and just happen to come across an e36.
Many many texts thought out the night and the next morning I drove 2 hours to purchase this car blind. For the price I wasn't expecting anything but I figured the scrap yard would give me my money back in scrap alone so it was worth it.

Lucky for me I drove it home 2 hours, washed it many many times and got it to clean up a little bit. So here it is.

Purchase Price: $500.

1992 325I, 5 Speed
Burgandy Exterior
Tan Interior
218,xxx miles
Runs/drives with some issues. Windows/sunroof has no power.
2nd gear is gone, rest of great though.
Done dents/dings. Hood is trash, couldn't get it to clean up.

Some quick snap shots I took this evening before it got too dark.
They'll do.

Alright, I'm going to start keeping tabs on everything here so I have somewhere it's documented.

Purchase Price: $500

Complete Black Leather, 3 obd1 M50 intake manifolds and other misc. $200.
New Clutch Master Cylinder $60
New Clutch Slave Cylinder $40
SOLD: One OBD1 Intake Manifold = +$80
New Bosch O2 Sensor = $15 + $2 S/H( Closeout at Rockauto.com )
New Duralast Gold Battery, free replacement Plus upgrade: $40
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Yeah the starter fluid trick will help eliminate if you have a fuel issue or not.
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