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they r goin to fully automated system and they kept bullshittin him about his last day he got a better job offer so he quit and aight ill be up there and spoolie lol your just jealous

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sil84 said:
spoolie said:
se-real said:
so whats under the hood of your ef?
probably a leaky worn out single cam/carb'ed engine...
dual point which is just as bad as carb'ed
Hey now, theres nothing wrong with the dual piont! I actually rebuilt a dual point and put the full dual point harness and intake on a sohc zc. Im not going for speed, strictly MPG's! :D Im gonna be driving it everyday and thats it. I reused th 4speed tranny and all!

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rollagtsracer said:
yea hopefully i get to go up there this sat never been up there someone said they shut it down though
they shut down the bridge i know. i just went to 8th and commerce last saturday, and havent heard anything about it being closed down. im gonna go this saturday again after i get off work. :thumbup:
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