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Hey all...

This is my girlfriends 1999 Civic DX in Milano Red. It is Auto with 130000+ miles. It is in pretty good condition, she takes care of it pretty well for being a girl. I dont have any pictures of it being in stock form, but its your typical virgin DX.

-OEM Si spoiler
-OEM Si grill
-OEM Side markers
-Replica Si lip

-Furry steering-wheel cover?

-Gold Line yellow springs (~1.75" drop)
-1999 Si wheels
-Falken Ziex rubbers
-Front strut tower bar

-JVC CD player
-Blaunpunk 6" front components
-Boston Generator 12" woofer

-Y7 intake

Earliest picture we have:

My little brothers HX wheels

Got it painted

Si spoiler with 3rd brake light installed:

C&C greatly welcomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i know on the da's that you can take off the door panel and pinch the clips to remove then without breaking them. i can only assume that honda kept that concept. try it on the fender piece first, as it is the easiest to get to.

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Paint the mouldings and side skirts! also the lower grill and fog light in sets should have been left black.... clean other than that!
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