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The Results are in :D

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Well I have my new coils on and everything. Car is set to where I want to drive it on the
street and well here are some corner balancing numbers and pics.

Weights w/driver 1/2 tank gas:
870 897
879 849
3495 << HEAVY
50.8% Cross weight(If I was in it would have been 50.5%)

Weights w/o driver 1/2 tank gas:
817 884
831 831
51% Cross weight

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No pictures with M6 replicas no care. If you tell me your getting CH's then your gay.
ramman434 said:
The CH's suck btw. They look like an ugly stock wheel
That's what I've been trying to tell him. I'd accept the LM-R's though.
BBK? That's just stupid...pretty soon are you going to ask us if you need a roll cage for street driving? Your brakes are fine...so was your suspension. Honestly, if you get that big brake kit you might as well turn your car into a dedicated track car. There is no other need for such advanced suspension and big brakes.

BTW...big brake kits don't always make it stop faster. They just dissipate heat better. I hated my slotted brakes on my RSX. They always had a weird feel to them...and I never tracked it so it didn't make any sense.
If you sell your M6 replicas you fail Josh...

Seriously...who has said they didn't like them? Better yet...who haven't you heard complementing you on how clean they looked?
BTW Travis your avatar is FTW!
1 - 6 of 69 Posts
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