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The Results are in :D

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Well I have my new coils on and everything. Car is set to where I want to drive it on the
street and well here are some corner balancing numbers and pics.

Weights w/driver 1/2 tank gas:
870 897
879 849
3495 << HEAVY
50.8% Cross weight(If I was in it would have been 50.5%)

Weights w/o driver 1/2 tank gas:
817 884
831 831
51% Cross weight

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Taking it in for the 30,000 mile service on saturday :D I was like please use wood to get
my car on the lift. Oh well I think I am the first E90 BMW in nashville on coils though :)
Not sure what I am getting...the M6 reps are ugly and boring
BBS LM's do not look that good on my car brad. Now HRE or Iforged do. The LM's look
a ton better on the coupe. Here is a pic on the sedan of normal LM's


LM-R's = WIN

All these BBS rims are played out though...
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Brad you are full of....fail
ramman434 said:
finally. Who did you have do the alignment and everything? The CH's suck btw. They look like an ugly stock wheel
Has not been aligned yet. Getting Gateway Tire in cool springs to do it.

The M6 wheels are not cleanest!! AHHHH lol. Grr

I am saving up for rims or a BBK. Not sure yet though
venom_5 said:
why do you need a BBK?

(hint: correct answer = you dont)
If I want rims and make my car not look crappy and start tracking it then yes I will need one.
My brakes= super ugly(even though they are good)

M6= ugly on my car


unless I get some 18in' track wheels then things will change. If I go for 19's again. Diff brakes
Around town the BBK would not benefit and be worse than stock calipers, but aggressive
driving they would help. They would be horrible in the cold though :(
I wish my stockers looked better. I think the rears
are getting replaced this saturday for free

But yea I wanted Iforged wheels I am pretty sure
M6 reps= fail and ugly on my car.(at certain angles)

360forged would = win...expensive, but winn
Deano_d said:
Get some different wheels, clean it, and drive it then sell it stock at 80k when stuff begins to break. :thumbup:
I'll still have warranty at 80k :)
I need two new rear tires :( lol...not dan
Grrr why does everyone want me to keep the M6 reps...
itsallme.NWH said:
usafdarkhorse said:
Are you seriously 17?

Who bought the car? :|
who do you think :wink: and yes he is 17 :thumbup:
josh go ahead and tell him what you tell everyone else
Lol here it is...

usafdarkhorse said:
Are you seriously 17?

Who bought the car? :|
Do you think someone my age could afford this car themselves?

I mean not really I have seen people make it and do well for themselves at that age.

Let me guess...your a rapper :D
Lol!! Do want!!
No, but really I have always wanted an NSX (don't know why I didn't have that choice) since well the choosing
of my car was not well my decision. I really wanted an E36 M3 or something like that, but I would love to drive
an NSX with a GRF eX-001 exhaust/muffler
I loveee the Taitec. IT sounds amazing. Jdmpwr's dad has one on his.

Go to 1:32 in this video

Here is one of the videos not sure if it is the right one though

Lol I think my exhaust is only built for sound than function. LOL at popping :).
Sometimes my exhaust sounds sickkkk at well certain rpm's.
It's an Eisenhaus Meisterchaft GT
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