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The Root Beer Bull

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So Thanksgiving morning I hit a six pointer (buck) with my tiburon. So needless to say the insurance company ended up totaling it. I was really considering a Lexus IS350 or a Volkswagen GTI. The Lexus didn't have enough horsepower for me. It also didn't help that the four IS350's I was considering all sold. I read all the problems with the GTI's and decided against it. So I ended up going with a SHO. It's been a perfect fit for everything I wanted; super comfortable, awd, and horsepower.

My goals are; performance wise 450-500whp, lower it, throw some wide wheels on it, and a few aesthetic mods.

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Only thing new at the moment is I had the mufflers deleted. I was surprised how little cabin drone it has. I am usually not one to skimp on modifications but I really didn't want to spend $1600 on an exhaust. Plus I got the itch to do something to it. I am rather happy with the exhaust tone. I can hear the turbos spooling now, so that's a plus. I've also got a set of H&R spring ordered. I really want to get some new wheels and tires on before any events.

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1600 for mufflers, why so expensive?
No clue Corsa is what most web sites offer. Only way to find any cheaper is ebay.


You can find cheaper like OBX they're just not as plentiful.
So I went with lowering springs because bags are out of my budget. I am surprised how much I like springs over coilovers. The car handles sooooo much better now. I am definitely happy with this choice.

Anyways I had a chance to put the bull to work over the weekend. This car feels so planted I never worry about sliding in this boat.

So snaps I got of the mountain and road conditions.

I also ordered some new wheels. They should be finished and shipped by the end of the month.
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I think it could be a little lower. I am not "really" happy with the height but it's my daily so I don't rub and have full function. So it is what it is. The space in the rear is really bugging me with my new Roti's. Wheel specs; f20x8.5 / r20x10 .... Tire specs; f255/45/20 and r275/40/20

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Nice SHO. These are so underrated. Awesome highway cruiser, but still fun on the backroads.
Thanks sir! No doubt they are awesome on the highway. Backroads is fun if you eliminate the body roll.
Here are some better pictures I took over the weekend. I had to detail her and fix some things (broken bumper bracket, and drop in a K&N filter) for Riverside Chattanooga.

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