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Thicker oil in the winter?

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My CiVAK has a ticking noise under the hood on these cold mornings. Should I switch to 5w 30 oil?
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seafoam that sh!t yo.
If you run an actual good oil then you dont need that Lucas crap. Also 138k on a Honda is nothing. I have a 96 accord daily with 246k on it and run 5w30 synthetic blend. Doesnt even burn a drop! Just run a 5w30. Honda's seem to really like the standard Castrol GTX or the syntec. Lastly when was the last time you did a valve adjustment? You might wanna have one done also just to help things out.
Mine has never burned oil. I'm probably gonna get 5w 30 put in this next week. And, i've had the car less than a year, i've not done a valve adjustment. I don't know when/if one has been done.
i ran straight 50w in my KA. bad valve seals ftl. no revs. and if it were below 50 outside you could tell it had trouble turning over.

if it were still running it probably wouldn't even turn over.
My Civic has 138k on it. Is it still best to run 5w 30 year around, even with the higher mileage engine?

Yes. That will still be fine. I still ran 5W30 year round in my Integra with 370K, and it only used about a quart per oil change.
If any of you are running 10-30 or above in your Hondas, you need to get that junk out of there ASAP.
Honda maintenance Manual for S2000's call for 10W-30. That's what I run in mine. At 126k with no issues.
well hell if u run a thicker oil its just gonna thin itself out...if i was you i would get a valve adjustment and stick with 5w20 thinner the better gas mileage and less strain your motor has to put out to circulate the oil..and sea foam isnt gonna fix ur cold starts its just gonna clean ur motor..all hondas make that noide at COLD start up..just some are louder than others..
These people that are all "I run 20W-50 and it's AWESOME!" kill me... I don't even run 15-50 on the track anymore, where I see high oil temps.
I actually had a car that called for that weight. Took 8 quarts of the stuff and was only a 2.5 liter v6.
what kind of car plzkthx
Alfa Romeo GTV6

Actually, they recommend 15w50, but it is hard to find.
wow, sooo many misinterpretations about oil on here.

oil: a lubricant
oils purpose: to lubricate
what weight should you use: if you are running stock clearances on your bottom end, then what the manufacturer suggests.

will running a thicker oil help my car: No. running thicker oil will only put more strain on your oil pump when running factory clearances.
P2W clearances, bearing clearances, Expansion rates, and oriface diameters will determine what thickness of oil you need to run. and since 99% of you aren't running: aftermarket pistons, replaced rod/main bearings, or anything to variate a change in oil viscosity, then there is no need to change the oil in your car.

running a thicker oil will help you burn less oil at the expense of the bottom end assembly strain. i did this only cause my rings were GONE for an instant. and i mean revving past 3krpms= car looks like its' on fire GONE
i did this only cause my rings were GONE for an instant. and i mean revving past 3krpms= car looks like its' on fire GONE

LOL you weren't kidding when you said GONE! LOL!
LOL you weren't kidding when you said GONE! LOL!
lol if i did over 60, it would sputter due to blowby. if someone cut me off, i just got in front of them and put it in 2nd gear and slam on the throttle. i'd sputter so i wouldnt accelerate any just blow all my oil out in about 10 seconds. lol
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