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This is hilarious

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Two guys making out on CNN live report (video)


Classy. Lifting the shirt and going after some nipple - just awesome.
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Seriously skeletor sucks and is a ****
that was great, whoever did that needs to get a trophy.......balliest thing ever on cnn...i lol'd
wow what reporters have to do to become an anchor

i love how they are so passionate

too bad it wasnt keanu Reeves and Brad pitt lol

NOw that would be interesting

"woah..BRad your soo.. hot"

"like woahhhhh..the matrix is in..my pants"
v3 said:
Damn, they werre going at it

Matt i think you liked it..
jcoosi said:
Seriously skeletor sucks and is a ****
I HATE YOU and will set you scrotum chin beard thing on fire. lol
v3 said:
It did make my trousers a bit tight.
haha which part?
richard and sal kick fucking ass....howard stern for the motherfucking win.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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