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do you think the layout is good?

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  • i dont know what a chrome shop is

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this isn't an advertisement LOL

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if you have ever wondered what a chrome shop looked like i just finished mine i have been working my ass off and had to teach myself merchandising, so tell me what you think for a retail store.

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shawnpepper said:
hahaha, blue lights, not my idea.....but if the chrome shop doesn't work i could turn it into a sports bar, or strip club. it's 6416 asheville hwy, remember all of tennspeed get 10% discount.
my vote is for a hybrid. sports bar/with topless servers. do you apply any coatings in house?

scott <--------local guy
YES! topless sports bar red my mind, i don't do any coatings at all, it's just accessories for big rigs and most of the stuff is chromed or stainless hence the chrome shop.
you know, i thought about it........but my corporartion thinks advertisement is going to trucking company and talking to them. Which i call solicitation.
every chrome shop from here to LA has a cb or cb shop advertising...its cheaper than any other advertising.
just make sure to make the cb shop announce your chrome shop at the end of there "spill"
make the cb shop the main focus over the air waves...and the chrome like a extra deal.
i've brought that up, my corporation is how do you say......difficult?
what are your hours?

8 - 4:30, but im usually there till 5:00, or if you call me 637 4333 is the number, im gonna do a group buy for yall when they make me a sponsor.
might stop by monday(early day). what are you gonna group sell? audio stuff?

yuuuuup, i dont keep very much in stock, but can get the whole kicker line i have a few things though
21 - 30 of 30 Posts
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