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podcasts, blogs, etc. = homosexual

get off the computer ... yes, the forum-whore is telling you to get off the computer and do something else! :D

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This is my "night life"

After working out 5 days a week. school, and work I get on the computer and become a tennspeed/facebook/myspace/youtube/itunes/digg/ all around internet whore..
minus the pedo bear/ stalking underage kids I leave that to pocketmidget..;)

generaltaco said:
wow you play wow...
Can't bring myself to pay a monthly fee when there is plenty of mmorpgs that are free and on top of that not into that kind of game..
I thought the same thing until I started playing. 15 a month really isn't that bad and there is nothing else out there that comes up to par quality wise. I'm no hardcore player...I play pretty casually
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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