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Throwing around ideas: New Years party

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I just got word that I will be home for New Years Eve/Day this year, on leave from Iraq.

Who wants to thrown down a little meet/greet/cruise/party/lets get freakin wasted at someones house or wherever?

Ill throw down the cash/booze/food money.

Anybody willing to Volunteer for the place? I'll go pretty much anywhere.... since gas seems to be pretty decent right now.

Who's down?
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BYOB would probably end up being better, but i think it's a great idea.
No one said you were invited...
STFU...go slide your 240 off a sadfkjwfj3re23e423ejhwqedjwqej.
already did it... twice.
sucks to be you...
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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