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Which wheel?

  • Blitz Techno Speed

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  • Work VS-SS

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Time for new wheels

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Ok so I sold my wheels and have narrowed my choices down to two wheels.

Option 1

Work VS-SS

Option 2

Blitz Techno Speed
18x8+45 18x9+45 5x114.3
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i feel like everyone is goin to vote for the VS-SS because theyre from Work ....

but i personally think the Blitz looks better because the Work's seem empty with the spokes positioned the way they are [even tho both are 10-spoke, i think]
fuck that works all the way man
I will have to go with works also.
I didnt go with them just because of the brand, If anything Blitz rims are harder to get ahold of most the time.
yea names aside. the works just looks better plain and simple.

Def the works.
someone explain why the Work VS-SS's look better, since they are the same shape, have the same # of spokes ... only thing different is they arent spaced out evenly ... which i think wouldnt look good on an IS300 at all
Im going with the Blitzs
I think them Works look tacky.
American Racing.
loud3nergy said:
American Racing.
VS-SS just looks better in my book...although the offsets are quite weak.
Im voting for the Blitz's
I voted works and it had nothing to do with the name. I have never heard of works before today. I think the centers if the Blitz wheels are fugly. Bad flow. the works wheels just flow better. but hey, it's just my 2 cents.
I like #1, but once you put either of them on the car they would probably look equally bad ass.
Works :)

the VS-ss look like a Motegi. And I ams just not a fan of the Blitz.

But I would take the Blitz over the Works.
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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