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sometime after christmas i will most likely get a new paint job...
i want it completly re done stripped and all the door dings taken out..
my paint doesnt look to bad right now but it has those spider webs in places and drips in some places...
bugs the crap out of me...

so who here paints? because i would like to let someone who does it on the side or whatever so i can try and save some money... i can buy all the paint/primer/clear coat... whatevr i need.
just need someone to do it... and i thought i would look in advanced so i can decide on who i want to do it because im pretty picky...

its already black and i would like to keep it black..

so if you can do this or know someone who can let me know...
would like to know prices you usually charge and maybe some pics of some of your work?

or even if you know of any body shops that do good work that could work too...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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