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Too damn funny

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So ray is really bored and sends me this

Ray said:
a friend of mine came in with a bent GSR blade rim, asked me to take the tire off it, and mount it on one of his other rims on the car... so i took the GSR rim and mounted it on this.....

heres the catch, before i sat the outer bead, i filled it half with old wheel weights, the rest with water, and 60psi of air.... lol.... my plan is to sit it outside my shop over night and see if any of the crackheads (we call them chronics) will try to steal it.... the tire is like a 265/75/15 offroad tire. that alone is about 30lbs, and will all that sh!t inside, i couldnt even lift it... its well over 150lbs, maybe close to 200lbs... i dunno, business is really slow so this is what i do to keep busy...
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He must have been super bored
lol thats funny
lmao, someone needs to turn a teggy into a off roader and put blades with mud tires on them lmao.
i have seen a crack head lift up over 200 pound,and carry it over a mile.real talk if anything that got money on it,they can get it
i am wiating for the call that the unsuspecting crack head picked this up...lol
LOL...please update us.
Wow, thats really funny.
LOL...please update us.
i bet some 1 trys . do u have any cameras outside?
Ray Writes again..

[quote="RAY]well after 2 days, it was gone. i came to work and my co workers said they openned up and noticed it was gone. no big water spot on the ground so they didnt let the water out of it... they took it like it was. wheel weights and water inside. i know that guys back is hurting... guess i need a bigger tire....[/quote]
hernia much? LOL
haha, wonder what they'll do w/it
haha, wonder what they'll do w/it
hopefully try to put it on something and wreck lol
can you imagine some crackhead chasing that down the road as it rolls?
can you imagine some crackhead chasing that down the road as it rolls?
then falling on his face cause all the momentum pulling the wheel cause its so heavy
a re-enactment should be made...
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