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traxxas tmaxx, almost nothing stock, badass r/c truck

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item/descrip.-t-maxx and parts
location-cadiz, ky.. 45 mins from nashville

ok im getting out of r/c racing and a little more into dumping money into my car, this truck is very heavily modified, ive invested over 900 dollars into this thing and its done very good for me, the engine has about a gallon of fuel run through it, everything is good, nothing is broken (except the radio antennae) comes with everything you need to run except batteries and charger, even comes with fuel! here is a list of parts-

rdlogics cnc'd aluminum frame
traxxas aluminum frame braces
traxxas aluminum bumpers
traxxas cnc'd aluminum motor mount
integy aluminum bulkheads
integy carbon steel cv driveshafts
integy steel turnbuckles
integy aluminum threaded race shock set
traxxas tuned pipe
silicone fuel lines and brake line
rpm control arms front and rear
integy servo saver
rpm wheels, proline masher tires
new set of proline weld evo wheels

i think thats everything.. also has several new parts that may get worn or break, new body mount/shock towers, clutch rebuild kit, new gas tank, extra body pins, extra radio batteries, fuel bottle, and some other stuff i cant think of right now

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your shit got more money in it and performance in it than my honda! :lol: GLWTS
bottom $ used to race these all the time great trucks
lol... yeah i spent way to much money on it to only get 350 out of it.. im used to electric stuff so im sure the tune is waaaaayyy off, its alot of fun tho, also if you think im asking to much feel free to shoot me an offer
just rebuilt shocks.. woohoo!!
just throwing this out there any intrest in trading
sure.. i cant think of anything right off hand i want though, what did you have in mind?
nukefivesix said:
sure.. i cant think of anything right off hand i want though, what did you have in mind?
just look threw my FS thred its linked in my sig
hmm.. all the nissan stuff you have i dont need, wouldnt have any bmw stuff would you? e36 m3 crap or 3 series, i need a stock cd player, cash offers?
gah i had one of these. They are awsome. BUMP for a good truck...gah i almost wish i still had mine :(
you should realy get another one :)
if anyone has a rock crawler or emaxx thats what i want, may do some trading
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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