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Turbo b16 dying when warm

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I have a turbo b16 setup that i just finished and once its warmed up when driving around when ever i get out of the throttle to slow down and the clutch is in the car shuts off on me. i was messing with the fuel pressure regulator taking the vacuum line off of the intake mani and when i do it doesnt die everytime i press in the clutch to slow down. it did once but not every single time like before. could this be that my fuel pressure regulator is bad or what else could cause this?
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it will probbly need supporting mods to have a t70 turned right on i honda
im saying you dont have enough to support it thats why when you got into it that it died. why dont you believe me when i tell you i know what im talking about.
Omfg its not enough to support the turbo....get bigger supporting mods and you will be fine my god son.
yes i have a lightwieght flywheel but nothing ridicolous like 8 or 9 lbs, its been a while but if i remember correctly it was an 11 lb flywheel that i put in. The setup is a stock b16 with a ramhorn mani with t3/t70 turbo, huge front mount with 2.5 inch intercooler piping, greddy bov and tial wastgate with 7 psi spring. Side port on the wastegate is run straight to the compressor housing on the turbo, top port on wastegate is left open. Boost guage and bov are running off a blox vacuum mani. It has rc 550cc injectors and a walbro 255lph fuel pump. And a ecu tuned for a garret gt28 on b16 with same setup besides turbo and on a higher boost setting

i fuckin told you what the deal was....shiot son fix it.
you havent once said its cuz of lack of tune. you said turbos too big, and or i need supporting mods, basically saying "ditch the turbo or build the motor" which = "not necessary"
loldo it and repost and say weather or not that fixes it.
Its more than likely that his tune for the other turbo was when it was warm outside, and now that its cold, it is not getting enough fuel at idle, due to the ECT and IAT adjustments not being set up thoroughly for vast temp differences. I don't think the size difference of the turbos is going to make a big difference on fuel at idle. Of course it will make a big difference when the boost comes on.
it is if its not getting enough to spool the turbo enough.
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