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Turbo vert drift build...

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So for the past 3 years I drifted my mostly stock RX8 and really got confident behind the wheel, really learning how to actually drift.

Ive always wanted to boost the 8 but on my budget thats just not gonna happen, so I sold my DD subaru, and for the same money it would have costed me to boost my 8 leaving me without a DD I just went ahead and bought my buddies vert he was selling that was listed on here for a while.

Motor is Jspec S5 T2, with t2 trans and driveshaft, haltech sprint re, aeromotive fpr, ID 1000cc injectors, both primary and secondary, FD fuel pump, full turbo back racing beat exhaust, among other tasteful mods. it made decent power id say considering the setup, defiantly a lot more than what I am used to with the gutless renisis! haha

since Ive had it I have installed corksport SS oil cooler lines since the oem ones were old and leaky, comp diff bushings, stop washer bushings, front diff mount, and pinion snubber, along with weld the N/A diff since I sold my KAZZ 2 way that I was going to put in the 8 to fund this little build up, the welded should still be a good upgrade from what I am used to with the stock LSD in the 8.

after the diff and bushings were all put back in I took out the AGX struts and ground control coil over sleeves and put in a set of stance SS + coils.

and after all that heres how it sits now.... pretty much looks exactly the same as when I started! lol

In a few hours Im gonna make a bracket to mount my sparco evo in there as well as roll and pull the fenders to fit up some wheels I got here for it, then in 3 days going to shake it down at an event in KY.

future plans include, modded knuckles, BNR turbo, rad, fans, and hack out the huge racing beat muffler in the down pipe.. for a catless rotary this thing sounds stock! lol as well as some cool shit like aero, nicer wheels than what I am about to throw on there, and full cage.
Ill update either tomorrow or the day after once the seat and wheels are on!
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love savannahs, great looking car
those square wheels are pretty sweet, i thought about going with some kind of square wheel but ended up with MB battles, how do you like them like wheight wise and quality
1 - 2 of 134 Posts
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