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TW! 1990 240sx sr20det for sale

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PRICE DROP 3500 1990 240sx sr20det for sale

1990 nissan 240sx with sr20det swap
3500 or trade for a stock 240 s13 or s14
nashville tn

SOME ONE BUY THIS I NEED A DD!!!!!!!! TIRED OF DEPENDING ON RIDES!!!!!the car runs fine just when you come to a stop the car idles rough and wants to die ive been told its the blow off valve i have no idea and dont feel like putting much more into this.needs a paint job its all sanded down and ready for tha paint. if you dont like the price i dont wanna hear it im just seeing whats out there... pretty sure its the iacv!

the car also has a one piece steel drive shaft
a j30 rear diff
and tein springs

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boosted ??? said:
are those pics recent? because if so your turbo hates you from all the compressor surge.
why is that?????
dilon240 said:
trade u my s13
any pics?
Turbo vw said:
any intrest in trading for any thang of mine theres leanks in my sig
just looking for another 240 but thanks tho
civilized_drifter said:
i want my old car back!!!!!
trade me then lol
civilized_drifter said:
ok, lets do it
if your serious call me 2436508
BRG15 said:
holy shit this is my old car!!!
shes a whore....lol
spoolie said:
well i dont know nissan shit very well...but with mass air flow meter+vented bov=no go...i think he is too cheap to tune it so i assume correctly??
yea i am a lil too cheap to tune it and i guess your a lil blind too
dilon240 said:
looking at a car 2moro i will let you know
yea i thinks its the idler control valve because its not the maf or a vacuum leak
would you take 3800 cash?
4000 firm thanks tho
wow...your a moron. lose a sell over 200 bux?? you must not want to sell this car...
your a moron for being a douche bag!
1 - 19 of 57 Posts
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