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TW: 85 gts partout

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My 85 gts took a dump. I was driving down the road and the engine shorted out on a wire someone had ran to the engine bay. I had it for sale on here and I am glad that it happen to me instead of me selling it then it happening. I think it fried the car harness somewhere. I am selling the swap with a bunch of oem hard to find toyota parts(1600 with trans and new zoom performance clutch harness PNP), the transmission, I have 2 silvertop ecus, oem lsd, megan springs on cusco camber plates and tokico blue struts, shell that will probably need front engine bay harness, wannabe 14's with kumhos, megan 4link, megan tension rods, megan lateral rod, jdm front seats, jdm door panels, jdm kouki front and rear bumper covers (with brackets), jdm door panels and rear panels, obx header, full underaxle catback with magnaflow cat, and anything else to make some of my money back.
SO TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Ill take offers on everything else.


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So you're talkin bout the 20v car right? U have price on whole car as it sits now?
PMed about wheels.
pmed again
frank is getting the wheels.
anybody else want anything?
20v full swap t50 trans, etc 1200 tennspeed price has full harness modified intake, ecu, etc

jdm front seats,door panels, and rear panels, blue rear seats, 300

jdm kouki front and rear bumpers with brakets and lights 400 firm (lowballing myself)

underaxle exhaust $275 (cheap includes cat)

obx header (modified to fit 20v) $150

tokico blue struts,shocks (NEW) stuts less than 100 miles $175 tennspeed price.

help me help you corolla lovers. I have all this and so much more.
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If i only still had my AE86 id pick them bumpers up from u ASAP BUMP for damn good prices and not haveing to wait for some jackass to send u the parts from CAIL G/L
here is a pic of what the seats and door panels look like


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