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tw on my 4 door ef.

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pm me on here

233k miles, 5spd. runs like a champ. starts up everytime!!!
im thinking about trading my car for a clean stock or remotly stock car.
15" nr copy wheels, brand new tires
lowering springs

if someone wants to work out a deal on a more expensive car, i have the ek hatch up for grabs too. with everything. pm me for details.

dont know if this link will work. but try it.

i have.....
jdm b20b (not been in a car since over here)
brand new rebuilt usdm gsr tranny
hasport motor mounts
b series axles/ intermediate shaft
integra gsr front and rear brakes with rear sway bar
personal steering wheel
carbon fiber hood
ksport rear LCAs
ksport front upper control arm/camber kit
earls brake fittings (firewall fittings)
20 yards of brake lines
all interior peices except carpet
2 front bumpers
stickered up ctr style lip

i have every peice to put this car back together
besides carpet/ brake lines
and headlights

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NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bump for a clean car BTW give me wheels now
bump for a cool guy.
Good luck with the sell.
Wow. You had at all of what, 3 or 4 weeks? I got a beat up ef hatchback I will trade you ;) LOL
not really a set price. bc im just testing the waters. open to offers.
love the car, bump for you good sir.
love the car man wish i could get it somehow. stuck with a ef hatch right now
MTSU Baseball said:
love the car man wish i could get it somehow. stuck with a ef hatch right now
Well, if you wanna sell your hatch pm me a price and ill tell my buddy. He is interested in either the sedan or the hatch either way, he just needs a price!
pmd u on h-t^^
very slick lil ride man!
almost temping eli....
one clean four door. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
man tim i love this car
can i has?
trade you^^
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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