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Ultimate Baller Status Wheel of All time

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Volk R57GT. In GTR fitment only in Super Gold! These are about as hot as the Do-Luck Double Sixes with the add on Dishes.


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I forsee alot of goldemember qutes in this threads future

although i do like the stockers on the gtr those would look bad on the white id have to see it to finally say but looks good
good lawd :p
Nice shoes scooter.
::jawdrop:: i thought they were having problems with putting aftermarket wheels on gtr's
Those would be sick as hell.

As far as I know they've figured out how to bypass the wheel sensor that was fucking everything up every time they tried aftermarket wheels
LOL, Nissan thought they made their gtr so great no one could modify it!
:lol: Cracked ecu, Wheels, Bolt-ons blah blah blah. I bet they feel stupid.
i see those getting stolen in the wrong part of the neighbor hood lol
sigurd said:
jcoosi said:
ehhhh....like the titanium better
Here is the only picture that I can find of the elusive DoLuck disks that were available only on Skyline-offset Double Six's. I tried to order a set of these a few years ago, and mainly, really ONLY, for the wheel disks, and they were unavailable at the time. To my knowledge, the Double Six's with the Disks were one of the rarest wheels ever created, but only with the disks.


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Better up close pic Moody?
meh. not a fan.
like the wheel. but not the gold
I like the black set on the orange GTR. However, the gold versions of ugly.
yeah amir get those! and let me get your stock gtr wheels!

hahaha gtr wheels on a s13 would be fucking baller haha
i keed
Would be nice wheels, but the gold makes them look like they belong on an Escalade. :thumbdown:
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