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Up yours porsche and fuck u techart! Lol!

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Starting procedure for GTR:
1 Sacrifice 10 virgins to the gods of speed
2 Conduct voodoo ritual of good fortune upon transmission
3 Pray
4 insert key
Ritual must be performed before every period of driving.

Starting procedure for carrera GT:
Why would you turn it off in the first place?

I'd STILL rather have the porsche, its better made and doesn't look like a bag of carbon fiber that got rammed up a bush hog. Plus, why would i want to pay 80K for a damn nissan?

Anyways, heres a breakdown

Porsche = something people see fly by
Nissan = Something people fly by

Porsche = v10 revving at full song on the freeway can be heard for 3 miles
Nissan = "don't drive it fast or it voids your warranty"

Porsche = honest to God 6 speed MANUAL
Nissan = Automatic manual....wtf? its either one or the other.

Porsche = track star, one easy step of "hit gas...go"
Nissan = "Do not drive fast or it voids warranty"

Im sorry im ranting aren't I?
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I am truly astounded by the stupidity you display.
1. The transmission is a manual with automatic clutch (Used by Ferrari Lamborghini Audi VW Bugatti Maserati and other cars that have decided to take the
Archaic standard manual transmission and expound on it)
2. Who said anything about Carrera GT. Watch the video if that looks like a Carrera GT you should end your life.
3. Starting procedure in the gtr is 1. Sit in car 2. press brake pedal. 3. push and hold start button
4. “DO not drive fast and it voids warranty” have you seen the warranty coverage of similar like cars on the market can we say 1 year of 12K miles for
Most exotics????? You wouldn’t know you only read and quote brochures and magazines and read interweb forums. You have no real world experience
And you have proven yourself the idiot for that….
Im truly astounded by your lack of a sense of humor.

1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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