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Up yours porsche and fuck u techart! Lol!

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The front on the GT Street is better :) The TechArt though is always known to have bad understeer, I am surprised they havent tried to fix that yet. Sounds like the tires on the TechArt werent up to the task either. I wonder what tires were on both of them
I think the numbers might be skewed a little too. That 90k for the GTR is w/o all the Cobb shit though. The TechArt is about right
hehe and that $15k tranny when it goes out in the GTR
i think at the end of the video...the trans fell out of the gtr.
hehehe pwned
I see what your sayin but the part about "nissan=something people fly by"....... not always. Still I would also rather have the techart lol
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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