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Name: Alex Bridges
Item and description: Lots of misc. parts
Price: Listed with picture
Location: Springfield, TN
Contact information: Call or text (615)681-8200

I have a junk load of things to sell here...

Koyo SR Aluminum radiator $175

HKS old school Electronic Valve Controller $100
S14 Dizzy $45
Z32 Brake master cylinder $80

Random turbo couplers (2" straight and elbow, 3"straight and elbow) $10 each
Skyline fuel pump $25

Dual guage pod $5
S13/S14 poly mounts $15
SR fuel rail $10

S14 KA manifold $20
KA/SR 3" Downpipe $100

SAFC II $150
VAFC II $150

S14 EFI specialists tuned KA ECU (370cc, T25/28, stock maf, manual, no speed limiter) $250

S14 MT ECU $50

Nismo adjustable FPR $100

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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