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Vols will go 2-10

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Vols will go 2-10 this year.

Sep 5 W. Kentucky (win)
Sep 12 UCLA 4:00pm (loss)
Sep 19 @Florida 3:30pm (big loss LOL!!!)
Sep 26 Ohio (win)
Oct 3 Auburn (loss)
Oct 10 Georgia (loss)
Oct 31 South Carolina (loss)
Nov 7 Memphis (loss)
Nov 14 @Mississippi (loss)
Nov 21 Vanderbilt (loss)
Nov 28 @Kentucky (loss)

I predict Kiffin will be fired after a loss to Vanderbilt in front of the home crowd at old Rocky Flop, which will be just too embarrassing for the Tennessee Alumni, Boosters, and the A.D.
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That's because there's nothing else to do in Mississippi haha.
This is VERY true. Just driving to Oxford let's you know that there is absolutely nothing to do (pray you don't break down and hear banjos). Although it is a pretty quick little drive to Tunica if you're getting tired of having money. ;)
ugly ugly game so far....i don't even think i can watch our lack of defense anymore...

But major LOL at all of the Ole Miss fans...they look like jackasses dressed up for a football game
Dexter McCluster is a bad little man

what a great game yesterday, it was great to see the Volunqueers crumble like the sacks of fail they are.


Grats to the Ole Miss Rebels.
That was brutal to watch. I was impressed at how much orange and white I saw in the stands though. Dexter McCluster is the second coming of Chris Johnson. I can't say anything bad about him, he was definitely impressive to watch. Just wish it hadn't been against UT. Haha. Oh well, the tailgating and massive amounts of drinking on a fully loaded coach made the trip better.
I mean could someone be much more wrong???
7-5. Close to 2-10? Not even.

I do believe I called it.... and here....

Georgia was bad this year. You know nothing about the SEC.
WyattHerpies knows NOTHING about football. He has proven it with most all of his football banter on this forum.
now that the regular season is over, I will weigh in.

Vols did a lot better than I thought they would with a brand new coaching staff, and incompetent moron at QB. I did have 'em pegged going 2-10, but I was wrong...certainly the difference was Monte Kiffin's defense. Without him, they certainly would have been 2-10, or maybe even worse.

Vols escaped a scare yesterday against Kentucky, I figured they give 'em a run for their money.

Good luck when y'all go Bowling (if you get a Bowl Bid). you're eligible, but that doesn't mean you'll get a bid.
Don't worry, it'll either be the Cotton or Outback bowl. That's a guarantee.
lol confirming your stupidity...2nd in SEC east...pretty sure they will go to a bowl...
Yeah so he wasnt right on the money...4-4 is still nothing to brag about...Fuck college ball...Go Colts.
"If" they go to a bowl? Are you really that stupid? They are seond in the SEC East....the SEC has 10 teams that are bowl elligible and 9 bowl tie in's not counting the BCS champ game....so every team in the SEC that won 6 games or more WILL go to a bowl.
You should probably stop creating football threads Wyatt lol
You should probably stop creating football threads Wyatt lol
Ha ha thats true. O well you know I heard they will go to the Capital One bowl.............................................The only catch was Nukees Richardson had to do a commercial. He had to stand there with a pellet gun and say whats in your wallet ha ha
Don't worry, it'll either be the Cotton or Outback bowl. That's a guarantee.
Well allow me to eat some crow. The Outback Bowl picked an SEC West team for the first time in a LOOOONG while. Looks like UT will go to the Chick-Fil-A bowl (fucking again....) to play 9-3 Virginia Tech if all things work out. Should be a tough game for sure. Beats playing Wisconsin again though.
^^when were they in the Chick-fil-a bowl game? weren't they in the outback last time?

in a way it is better for fans..less travel, and a night game, so more will be watching..BUT it is against a much better team, and not a New Years Day bowl game...but whatever...i just hope we can win..

LOL at Kiffin taking another punch at Meyer on Gameday..saying Bama will win because of coaching
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