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VR-4ever oh Im new

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if you see me out and about HONK i am in a panama green 3000GT
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well i will :thumbup: welcome
Welcome to the site. Good to have you here.
Welcome to the site :thumbup:
welcome to the family bro lets see some pics
Welcome. My brother has a red '92 VR-4. Anything done to yours?
Welcome. Pics and year?
suppp man?
Post up some pics. Welcome to the site!!

jdmpwr07 said:
Welcome to the site :thumbup:
Still an out of state post whore
hi there.
are the going to meet up at 9th and commerce
it will take a day or two for pics I have not
stored them in the PC yet. they are coming soon
but Im down at 9th and commerce looking like i
should drive a donk but me wit a domestic never
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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