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want to polish your wheels and possibly rip your fingers off

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Wow, though I do know bike guys sometimes put them up on the stands and let them idle to clean the back wheels.
Crazy people
I did it all by hand off the car....

Only takes 9 hours a wheel!
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I would prefer to have 7 fingers than to spend 9 hours a wheel :wink:
85rx-7gsl-se said:
I would prefer to have 7 fingers than to spend 9 hours a wheel :wink:
I think I would too.... :lol: :lol: :beer:
Screw that, Id use something to wrap the sand paper around I wouldnt have my fingers that close...
You'll wish you spent 9 hours per wheel when your missing a finger...
But 7 fingers would almost be glorious, what a wonderful number....As long as I didn't lose by middle fingers Buuuhahahahhahahaaa
I decided to hand polish my Valve covers, spent oh 3 hours on the first one befor i said fuck it, Later my friend came over grabbed the oth V-cover and spent 15 mins polishing with all the same shit iwas using and it turned out like a pro did it, So after he left i painted them. :mrgreen: Ill be damned if i polish shit myself, Ill just call him from now on.
I wish I had a set of wheels around to try this out on...
I remember back in the day polishing a valve cover in my living room. My gf at the time got all pissy because I was making a mess everywhere. Valve cover turned out really nice though.
Get a big buffing wheel and a bench grinder with buffing pads and tons of different rouges then enjoy!
Well atleast his wheels turned out well
ramman434 said:
Well atleast his wheels turned out well
AND his fingers!! :shock:
wheels look good wouldnt risk my fingers though
tight!! i gotta try this on my steelies
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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