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hey wassup guys. my name is SK. i juss signed up for this yesterday. not sure how to work this juss yet. so if anybody would like to help me out i would apprciate it.
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welcome son
welcome man. i am new to this forum as well. the best advice i could give you is to just lurk around the site for a week or so and you will get the hang of it.
Welcome to the site :thumbup:
welcome, don't be a pussy and lurk, just jump right into this shit
welcome man.
aye dude. if u cant read my shit. dont bother readin at all den. if you cant welcome wid me respect. dont welcome me at all
^^^ ghetto as a motherfucker lol learn to talk noob

be careful though internets are serious business. :lol:

Any thing done to your Honda?
my bad about my last post

hey guys. sorry about my last post. i'm not too familiar with this site's regulations and rules. but i am now. but thanks for all the welcome's. oh yeah. i don't have a car. just signed up to post things for sale. but it will be a while til i can. so if you need anything just PM me. and i'll see what i have for sale. thanks
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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