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random hick stuff like riding fourwheelers and shooting trap and skeet.
also im obsessed with music and CARS. big fan of the ALMS and indy car series.
die hard oakland raiders and tennessee titans and Preds fan. sports are awesome.

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most here know mine. I mess with computers all the time, I play PC games like CoD4, BF2, HL2 and other video games, and I watch anime...... a LOT of anime. I also read manga.

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Aside from cars,

FireFighting (lifestyle rather than a hobby)
being w/my g/f Lol you could call that a hobby I guess...
http://a640.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/64/l_cef7f4a1fb3ac62110032c8abc5121b7.jpg <-- lol at me

I try and play the xbox360 when i get bored
but I hardly have any free time right now

thats about it...

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chillin', swimming,reading, watching movies, lifting weights, working on friend's cars, etc.

I used to bike, skate, skateboard, and scooter. Haven't done that in like 5 years though so you could say I would be far more than rusty...

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Music-listening to music, playing music, creating music, all of the above.
Some photography.
wakeboading/slalom skiing/any watersports.
Skating on occasion.
Oh and did I say music?

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laying pipe
Dorito motors
weapons and teaching with them
M.M.A......especially Muay Thai
Texas hold em'
watching numbers fluctuate on NYSE
doing reservist work
fuckin off on Tennspeed
home improvements
drinkin with close friends
grilling out at me casa
making money so I can retire at 50...getting very very close
and pretty soon watching my baby grow
I have more but I dont wanna bore ya'll
1 - 20 of 71 Posts
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