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what do you do???

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pretty much just thought it would be nice to know what everyone does for a living, school, or unemployed so post it up

i install ems control systems in schools, hospitals, and other large buildings around middle tn
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i work at Kroger. 8)
Im a full time student (high school) and work my 35hrs a week at CVS Pharmacy
full time mtsu studen (14hrs/week plus study time)

csa manager at mw tux in the avenue (25hrs/week)

photography company that does sports photos (20hrs/week)

CM&A automotive shit on the weekends or whenever work is available.

I wrap cars.

P.S. I am going to start wrapping HHR's next week. I will probably become addicted to drugs and alcohol.
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I'm a certified mercedes Benz detailer. And I pimp hoes.
Nashville said:
I'm a certified mercedes Benz detailer. And I pimp hoes.
This guy pimps me out. I might just be a sex addict too after these fucking HHR's.

P.P.S. I hate chevy and HHR's.
i do detail at car universe in cool springs
Uh, student at UT (Knoxville) right now.

Worked for the Brentwood Baskin Robbins from sophomore-junior year, then worked for the Harris Teeter in Brentwood from junior year til Thanksgiving '07. Now on breaks from school I work for my friend's dad at Richards & Richards. It's a financial and medical records storage/legalized shredding company near the airport. I'm either in house pulling old records for destruction, pulling boxes/files to be taken to clients, or on a truck picking up destruction in bins w/400lb. of paper or delivering said files/boxes.

Good winter/summer job. However this summer I greatly missed the son. So i'm thinking for summer '09 I'll be lifeguarding during the day (I spent my entire summers at the pool during high school so why not get paid for it) and find something to do at night to make ends meet.
i work at Asurion Returns Management. checking fuk'd up phone and on tennspeed myspace etc 9 1/2 hours out of 10 :D
Full-Time Columbia State Student and Part-Time Employee of MCJ Enterprises (Brickhouse BBQ)
store manager for a college apparel company

ie i dont do shit
cool seems we have a good mix
civilized_drifter said:
i do detail at car universe in cool springs
how extensive are youre details? And what do you get paid?
Darkstar, your sig, I've done that a few times, lol. Obviously not w/the chair moving in slow-mo though
Nashville said:
I'm a certified mercedes Benz detailer. And I pimp hoes.
I dont have any hoes but i got a 07 benz that could use a good detailing.
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