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what do you do???

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pretty much just thought it would be nice to know what everyone does for a living, school, or unemployed so post it up

i install ems control systems in schools, hospitals, and other large buildings around middle tn
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im ex military, used to be a mechanic, and know i am Dee DEDEDEE....an accessory store manager.

i run the chrome shop for worldwide equipment on asheville hwy, only cool thing about working here a have all kinds of led's for all kinds of shit and im direct with kicker car audio.
Abdoice23 said:
Ugh I feel bad for u, having to spend 13k out of pocket for your broken arm, ouch! But Shawnpepper you need to let me come by your store and hook me up! lol, I need some subs, dvd player, possibly speakers, basically the works for my system! That would be awesome
I'll hook you up, automatic 10 % discount to all tennspeed users.....yes i can do that.......i have power bass too and all that son

my new kicker order hasn't come in yet, it shipped friday, when i get all of it in i will post up picks of my showroom and give everyone the address in 1 thread
sinister.inc: i have always wanted to teach auto tech, how did you get into it, do you have a masters degree? do you need one?
Race_Breed_2.0 said:
Im a full time "Go to ur house and fuck ur wife,G/F, or even accasionally ur dog While ur at work" :lol: :beer: :cocktail:
we call that jodi
1 - 5 of 129 Posts
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