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with all the n00bs coming into your for sale thread low balling you and then telling you to pm them?!

seriously so annoying.

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simple answer NO ONE ON THIS FORUM HAS MONEY! and if they do they dont buy off here.
HA HA! I laughed out loud when I read this... True, though!

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trade me trade me.... no go get a job. i dont live at my parnets and i am bout to have 3 cars and a bike. i ono i feel ya on the money issue. also why i go ebayin junk.

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omg! you stole my rant! haha
hittin the nail on the head . fuck- even if you get right on a price, or in my case, feel sorry and tell 'em they can HAVE the said part-some still wont come get the part.

wwwaahhh- it's too far whahh- whahhh whhaaah-
whahhhhh=-i don't have time to make an hour drive for a cheap or free part i asked for and need- i got to ride around and revv my motor if someone looks at my car.
whahhhhhhhh-i'm a smart ass in my pm's so you told me to go fuck myself.

those are the reasons they don't come here- the ole man told me jokingly that i scare the lil boys away.
HEY-i'm not some huge ole lady pervert! i won't grab your wienie! i wanna grab yo money.

don't anyone take it personal. every one that's pm'd me since the site changed hands has come correct-
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