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Which looks better?

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Full carbon fiber Veilside FFGT hood (upwards of 1k new, as low as $500 used, but hard to find)

Full Carbon fiber Vis Racing Invader hood (Around $500 new, widely available)

When I do finally get a new hood which do you think looks better?
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you cant ever go wrong with Veilside but you cant touch their prices eighter. VIS makes good stuff. if u want show then go veilside but if u just want CF go vis.
ahh i like drunken monkey's idea
I don't like how the OEM hood looks in CF

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definately the Veilside
Carbon Fiber needs to painted anyways so there you go now you can enjoy the factory look.
silviasxdrifter said:
oem all the way
agree... no CF hood.
well man, i dont like the look of carbon to begin with. it was sweet when it first came out but then it was too readily avalible and popular. i guess that is my uniqueness coming out tho. i paint all carbon components. it prolongs the life of them anyway.

but... by looking at these two i like the veilside hood better. its kind of a conservative aggresive path yet amazing all in one. i think the vis hood looks like it belongs on a celica with a v8 under it for some reason.

good luck either way
Defcon86NWH said:
ahh i like drunken monkey's idea
i agree with them
The Veilside would look good with the doors and the whole effect you are going for there. :p
M3_4_Me forced me to do this
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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