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while i was clinton hwy last night

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i seen some cars in a parking lot..so i drove through..looked..
and i got out. there was some pretty damn nice cars there.
all imports
there was a white supra there with a turbo the size of a softball(or bigger)
but then a gold/black s14 pulled in.he had the s15 conversion.

then 2 min later..a white boost'd scion tc pulled in.

i was talking to some people there.they all said Saturday night is when its bigger,
so who all wants to go Saturday?
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you misspelled Saturday
i aslo just woke up.
but thanks.i'll go back and fix it.
Can you go back, and re-word the whole thing so it actually makes some sense?
where is this ????
clinton hwy
umm...food city parking lot?
if your coming from downtown know its on the right side of the road.
pm me for my number and we can meet up b4.
is it in Knoxville? that would be a far drive for us middle Tennessee folks
Yes, it's Knoxville. I may come out, I'll give you a call. The gold/balck S14.5 has a RB26 swap in it
ramman434 said:
Yes, it's Knoxville. I may come out, I'll give you a call. The gold/balck S14.5 has a RB26 swap in it
shit, count me out
that would be the 240.
Uh, gold/ black rb26 s14.5 is freeman.

Ballin car forsure, ive bought wheels off him before.

His buddy has a single'd poopra.

And saturday theres a ton of ricers and a few nice cars.
mainly ricers

so who all is going to foothills mall in maryville tomorrow night?
and clinton hwy sat. night?
yeah.im going to both
in my ROLLA
And the nissan car show.

At the nissan dealer on kingston pike, cant remember the name of it. lol
my cousion works there
ted russlle
or w/e

when is it?
a turbo the size of a softball ...

are u trying to say it was small, or big? because a softball is small for a turbo, if i recall
not baseball
the big ones.
yeah the turbo was big.
Somehow I didn't even notice the softball turbo comment...lawl
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